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Housewarming Party

Living in Washington D.C. is to enjoy the excitement and dynamism of a supremely political town where everything is a priority and social obligations abound. Even we computer nerds have our particular circle of friends that we gather over time. We may be small cogs in a big wheel, but we have a presence. We all share interests as specialists in our field. There is so much technological advancement going on that it is an exciting job. We are at the forefront of a brave new world. People are constantly entering the field as it is timely and lucrative. The world needs our services. But there is a downside: it is competitive and sometimes cutthroat. You must keep up and having a good networking group helps. I am close to a number of members. There are times when we forget the Internet and concentrate on helping one another out.

Recently, a friend was moving across town to a new townhome and I wanted to help. He had done me many favors in the past. He hired a service so I wasn’t needed to hire a truck and load it, but to show support and recognition of a change in location, I bought a relevant housewarming gift. I wanted something appropriate that had nothing to do with computers or any kind of electronic gear. He has loads of laptop and tablets already. Everything is state of the art. Instead, I opted for a practical machine to vacuum his new home. Everyone needs one. It is lightweight yet super powerful so he doesn’t need a giant monster to store and tote around. The newer models at are so efficient and yet portable by anyone. They are easy to empty and clean. No need to be a weight lifter to use them. Some of the really early vacuums were made of metal and they weighted a ton. How did housewives ever use them?  Forget going up carpeted stairs. I guess you just left the dirt intact.

In keeping with the timeliness of my gift, I arranged for a modest housewarming party so he could show off the new space and also garner some presents. You need some handy items when you move. Old things get tossed aside, especially when clearly used to death and worn out. I know for a fact that he only had a basic old-world device. He needed an upgrade with all the bells and whistles. They are less noisy and more equipped to handle the variety of surfaces you get in a townhouse. It can handle tile and wood floors, as well as carpet, with ease. I know he would love it and after the fact, I found this to be the case. He thanked me profusely for my selection of a real timesaver. There could be more time for him to ply his trade, get new clients, and earn more income. Who knew that a household gift would impact his working life.

More Proof that DC Drivers are the Worst

I have been on a rant before about bad drivers in DC and the environs. People speed in bad weather and in good they don’t look. Accidents happen all the time, but they seem to happen to others. My blog today is about me and my terrifying tumble with an errant car while riding my bike. Since I live in a condensed city with ample bike lanes, it is often my preferred mode of transportation. It is easy to “park” and saves considerably on gas. I am into being economical these days with the rising cost of living. Have you ever priced a local condo or townhouse? You would be shocked.  Of course, riding is a great way to keep in shape and shed those extra pounds. Restaurants are great here as fussy foodies abound in this trendy commercial district. People want and expect the best. I often indulge and after seeing the results, I bought a new bike that I could propel through the city. I thought I would be safe and secure but then the unthinkable happened.

I was in my lane making a right turn onto a two-way street. I wasn’t in a hurry. I was rather vigilant and had looked in all directions as is my wont. Thus, I was startled to the max to be hit by an on-coming car going in the opposite direction. He had veered from the right lane to the left side of the road where I was pedaling away in peace. It was an illusion. He had been talking on his cell phone and had no Bluetooth connectivity. His hands were thus not on the wheel. I was so angry as this was so unnecessary given all the publicity about accidents during mobile device use.

I had hit the ground on my side and fortunately my head had been spared. Yes, I use a helmet. Let this be a lesson to us all. Oddly enough, however, my brand-new pricey G shock watch was intact and running. While the accident proves that DC drivers are the worst, it also proves that certain G Shock watches are the best. I would have bet seeing me on the ground with my crushed bike at my side that the watch on my wrist was defunct.

He wasn’t that apologetic given the fact that I suffered only minor bruises and scrapes. This made my anger rise to the boiling point. I didn’t have to go to the hospital the paramedics he called checked me out. It was the one courtesy he afforded me. He didn’t offer to repair or replace my wrecked bike but I insisted on getting his insurance company information so I could file a claim. I knew I had been in the right and he in the wrong. He wouldn’t admit it but there would be evidence from the police report.

One of Those Days

I love living and working in D.C. there is no more stimulating place. Although some of you may beg to differ, just think about the atmosphere. The political environment, the seat of government power, the fabulous museums and national monuments. It is glorious to just walk about the streets of the central area. If hustle and bustle is not for you, you can always get out of town to the scenic countryside. Hop on your bike, pick a new trail, and make your way to new adventures.

I am in the habit of weekend bike excursions so to my dismay, last week, I found that my saddle was falling off. I guess it has a bit too much wear and tear. The final coup de grace was a minor scrape with an aggressive car that knocked the saddle to the ground. It was not repairable and I began to look for a new and better model. The old one was pretty comfortable as bike seats go, and I won’t settle for anything less. On long trips, you can appreciate the difference in comfort from the best bike saddles. Otherwise, we all know what it feels like to have a frozen bottom. As I scoured the Internet, I found many options for my model of road bike. But how could I be sure. I decided to err on the side of caution and buy two that looked pretty good so I would not make a mistake in judgement by not seeing the item first.

When they arrived, I was pleased as punch to see that they were a bit different. With a few handy tools and a bit of free time, I tried first the one and the other on. I rode around the neighborhood before switching of course so I can see first-hand what felt best. Both were pretty good as far as comfort goes, so it was a tossup that would be based on price. I couldn’t decide and almost wished that I had purchased a third option. But that is probably taking this replacement seat a bit too far. Eeny, meenie, miney, mo. Okay, I spent more time on this deliberation that I do on most software problems. I would have to draw straws, ask a friend, or figure out some other method to make my choice. How about looks. Price being fairly equal, I thought it would be a good idea to select the best design. And so I did. I kept the saddle on the seat and readied the bike for a quick outing. It was great to have my favorite bike back. Now that it is in ship shape, I am going to watch for oncoming cars. I know drivers are not that attentive to bikes and don’t respect their right to be on the road. They find them annoying. But I will be the vigilant one. There will be no more mishaps or replaced bicycle parts. I have a lot of plans in the works.

*Bangs Head on Wall*

I was running late one morning and forgot to grab my winter jacket. I should have taken the time because it was a bit nippy outside. That wasn’t the worst of it. When I got to the office, I found out that the heat had gone out. They had ordered a repair service but who knew how long that would take. We were on standby, sitting there freezing to death, waiting for relief. Service people take their time and seldom come at the drop of a hat. We didn’t want to work in a cold environment, but we really didn’t have much choice. It was end of the month time which means compilation reports were due. We couldn’t afford to miss our deadline. We had to suffer and keep going. It was our duty and responsibility as employees. After all, it wasn’t the bosses fault that the heat was on the fritz. We knew he was doing everything he could to expedite the repair. Hours went by in the morning but nothing was happening. Instead of sending everyone home, the boss was smart. He set up a large room space heater that would help everyone. It was a big object to be sure and covered a lot of ground. I don’t know how he got it there so fast and who carried it in. It was rather large. But there it was saving us from a cold death.

It is frustrating to sit and wait for anything. I am not a patient person. The heater was a good stop-gap measure in any case although I still wanted the central heat to be turned back on. I decided to stop thinking about it and complaining to other people and just get back to work. It seemed that it was warm enough, although not toasty, to get in the right mood to finish our reports. The upper management was not going to be happy if we failed to come through. Time went by and we plugged away at the numbers and even skipped lunch. So the boss had that brought in as well. He was on the ball today looking after us. We took a short break and resumed business.

At the end of the day, most of the reports were complete and we needed just an hour of overtime to do the job. The portable heater was still pumping warm air into the room. Finally, we called it quits and turned in the work. The boss immediately transported the reports to management. They were truly surprised to see them as promised. They knew about the heat. They were experiencing the cold in the building just like us. Also like us they had rented a room heater of a slightly smaller size. No one died of the cold that day. Management praised us the next day, giving special accolades to our boss. They appreciated the special effort to come through with the month end reports. It all ended well in spite of the broken heater, which by the way was now working.