Daily Archives: November 16, 2017

Housewarming Party

Living in Washington D.C. is to enjoy the excitement and dynamism of a supremely political town where everything is a priority and social obligations abound. Even we computer nerds have our particular circle of friends that we gather over time. We may be small cogs in a big wheel, but we have a presence. We all share interests as specialists in our field. There is so much technological advancement going on that it is an exciting job. We are at the forefront of a brave new world. People are constantly entering the field as it is timely and lucrative. The world needs our services. But there is a downside: it is competitive and sometimes cutthroat. You must keep up and having a good networking group helps. I am close to a number of members. There are times when we forget the Internet and concentrate on helping one another out.

Recently, a friend was moving across town to a new townhome and I wanted to help. He had done me many favors in the past. He hired a service so I wasn’t needed to hire a truck and load it, but to show support and recognition of a change in location, I bought a relevant housewarming gift. I wanted something appropriate that had nothing to do with computers or any kind of electronic gear. He has loads of laptop and tablets already. Everything is state of the art. Instead, I opted for a practical machine to vacuum his new home. Everyone needs one. It is lightweight yet super powerful so he doesn’t need a giant monster to store and tote around. The newer models at https://www.thecleanhome.net/the-best-lightweight-vacuum-reviews/ are so efficient and yet portable by anyone. They are easy to empty and clean. No need to be a weight lifter to use them. Some of the really early vacuums were made of metal and they weighted a ton. How did housewives ever use them?  Forget going up carpeted stairs. I guess you just left the dirt intact.

In keeping with the timeliness of my gift, I arranged for a modest housewarming party so he could show off the new space and also garner some presents. You need some handy items when you move. Old things get tossed aside, especially when clearly used to death and worn out. I know for a fact that he only had a basic old-world device. He needed an upgrade with all the bells and whistles. They are less noisy and more equipped to handle the variety of surfaces you get in a townhouse. It can handle tile and wood floors, as well as carpet, with ease. I know he would love it and after the fact, I found this to be the case. He thanked me profusely for my selection of a real timesaver. There could be more time for him to ply his trade, get new clients, and earn more income. Who knew that a household gift would impact his working life.