Daily Archives: November 10, 2017

More Proof that DC Drivers are the Worst

I have been on a rant before about bad drivers in DC and the environs. People speed in bad weather and in good they don’t look. Accidents happen all the time, but they seem to happen to others. My blog today is about me and my terrifying tumble with an errant car while riding my bike. Since I live in a condensed city with ample bike lanes, it is often my preferred mode of transportation. It is easy to “park” and saves considerably on gas. I am into being economical these days with the rising cost of living. Have you ever priced a local condo or townhouse? You would be shocked.  Of course, riding is a great way to keep in shape and shed those extra pounds. Restaurants are great here as fussy foodies abound in this trendy commercial district. People want and expect the best. I often indulge and after seeing the results, I bought a new bike that I could propel through the city. I thought I would be safe and secure but then the unthinkable happened.

I was in my lane making a right turn onto a two-way street. I wasn’t in a hurry. I was rather vigilant and had looked in all directions as is my wont. Thus, I was startled to the max to be hit by an on-coming car going in the opposite direction. He had veered from the right lane to the left side of the road where I was pedaling away in peace. It was an illusion. He had been talking on his cell phone and had no Bluetooth connectivity. His hands were thus not on the wheel. I was so angry as this was so unnecessary given all the publicity about accidents during mobile device use.

I had hit the ground on my side and fortunately my head had been spared. Yes, I use a helmet. Let this be a lesson to us all. Oddly enough, however, my brand-new pricey G shock watch was intact and running. While the accident proves that DC drivers are the worst, it also proves that certain G Shock watches are the best. I would have bet seeing me on the ground with my crushed bike at my side that the watch on my wrist was defunct.

He wasn’t that apologetic given the fact that I suffered only minor bruises and scrapes. This made my anger rise to the boiling point. I didn’t have to go to the hospital the paramedics he called checked me out. It was the one courtesy he afforded me. He didn’t offer to repair or replace my wrecked bike but I insisted on getting his insurance company information so I could file a claim. I knew I had been in the right and he in the wrong. He wouldn’t admit it but there would be evidence from the police report.