Daily Archives: March 7, 2017

One of Those Days

I love living and working in D.C. there is no more stimulating place. Although some of you may beg to differ, just think about the atmosphere. The political environment, the seat of government power, the fabulous museums and national monuments. It is glorious to just walk about the streets of the central area. If hustle and bustle is not for you, you can always get out of town to the scenic countryside. Hop on your bike, pick a new trail, and make your way to new adventures.

I am in the habit of weekend bike excursions so to my dismay, last week, I found that my saddle was falling off. I guess it has a bit too much wear and tear. The final coup de grace was a minor scrape with an aggressive car that knocked the saddle to the ground. It was not repairable and I began to look for a new and better model. The old one was pretty comfortable as bike seats go, and I won’t settle for anything less. On long trips, you can appreciate the difference in comfort from the best bike saddles. Otherwise, we all know what it feels like to have a frozen bottom. As I scoured the Internet, I found many options for my model of road bike. But how could I be sure. I decided to err on the side of caution and buy two that looked pretty good so I would not make a mistake in judgement by not seeing the item first.

When they arrived, I was pleased as punch to see that they were a bit different. With a few handy tools and a bit of free time, I tried first the one and the other on. I rode around the neighborhood before switching of course so I can see first-hand what felt best. Both were pretty good as far as comfort goes, so it was a tossup that would be based on price. I couldn’t decide and almost wished that I had purchased a third option. But that is probably taking this replacement seat a bit too far. Eeny, meenie, miney, mo. Okay, I spent more time on this deliberation that I do on most software problems. I would have to draw straws, ask a friend, or figure out some other method to make my choice. How about looks. Price being fairly equal, I thought it would be a good idea to select the best design. And so I did. I kept the saddle on the seat and readied the bike for a quick outing. It was great to have my favorite bike back. Now that it is in ship shape, I am going to watch for oncoming cars. I know drivers are not that attentive to bikes and don’t respect their right to be on the road. They find them annoying. But I will be the vigilant one. There will be no more mishaps or replaced bicycle parts. I have a lot of plans in the works.