Daily Archives: November 12, 2016

Evolution of Online


Do you remember getting those stupid CDs in the mail for internet service providers?You had to put them in your computer’s CD drive (they weren’t even DVD drives back then),then install software that would enable you to attach your phone cord to your computer and go online? And then your modem would make these horrible sounds and nobody could use the phone because you’d be online, probably doing nothing but talking in a chat room asking people for their a/s/l.

Do you remember that, or is that just me?

There was Netscape, Netzero, and America Online. They had that “you’ve got mail” thing you were always so anxious to hear. We had so many of those CDs at my house as a kid that we used them as coasters and Frisbees that we never actually bothered to catch because they hurt the crap out of your hand if you tried. They sure were fun to throw, though. And you’d have three by the end of the week so it wasn’t like it mattered.

As the technology got better and more people wanted to be online,broadband internet became cool. You could actually check your email every once awhile from a network.It wasn’t so slow, but usually, you had to go online either at work or somewhere like the library because nobody had that kind of setup at home. I remember being in college the first year we all got campus email address. The computer lab would be packed full of people who would crash the network. Then the staff would have to put an “internet down” sign on the door and the place would be a ghost town.

Oh my God, this is how old I am: one of my college projects was that I had to create a website on Geocities.Do you have no idea what that is? I bet you don’t.

Then people started being able to go online “wirelessly”, then you could use a cellphone to go online, and at this point it’s built into practically everything. Seriously, you can put your lightbulbs on a network so you can turn it on via your cellphone. Now you can search anything about anyone,find pictures of just about anything, and upload a video of you doing just about anything and people will watch it. You can buy just about anything you can think when you look online. The internet is now this wonderful community of people sharing information while sitting alone and staring at a device.

The fact that these things have changed and evolved just in my lifetime is what really made me interested in computer networking in the first place. I love that this is one of those fields where the technology changes rapidly. People want their internet faster and using smaller devices.They want to do it cheaper, with better reliability, and they want to do it safely and securely. And that’s where I come in.

I’d be the first to say that I am not anywhere close to being on the same level as a first responder, but people totally go crazy when they have no internet. It’s become so ingrained in us that sometimes when Facebook goes down, people call nine-one-one. That’s a blatant misuse of an emergency system, but it just goes to show what people’s priorities are. As a society, we have grown so dependent on being able to share anything with anyone while being available and in step with all our friends& family, and all the events in their lives. It’s how we communicate, how we learn, it’s where we go for information and sometimes for love.

It’s pretty cool to be able to help people out with that.