*Bangs Head on Wall*

I was running late one morning and forgot to grab my winter jacket. I should have taken the time because it was a bit nippy outside. That wasn’t the worst of it. When I got to the office, I found out that the heat had gone out. They had ordered a repair service but who knew how long that would take. We were on standby, sitting there freezing to death, waiting for relief. Service people take their time and seldom come at the drop of a hat. We didn’t want to work in a cold environment, but we really didn’t have much choice. It was end of the month time which means compilation reports were due. We couldn’t afford to miss our deadline. We had to suffer and keep going. It was our duty and responsibility as employees. After all, it wasn’t the bosses fault that the heat was on the fritz. We knew he was doing everything he could to expedite the repair. Hours went by in the morning but nothing was happening. Instead of sending everyone home, the boss was smart. He set up a large room space heater that would help everyone. It was a big object to be sure and covered a lot of ground. I don’t know how he got it there so fast and who carried it in. It was rather large. But there it was saving us from a cold death.

It is frustrating to sit and wait for anything. I am not a patient person. The heater was a good stop-gap measure in any case although I still wanted the central heat to be turned back on. I decided to stop thinking about it and complaining to other people and just get back to work. It seemed that it was warm enough, although not toasty, to get in the right mood to finish our reports. The upper management was not going to be happy if we failed to come through. Time went by and we plugged away at the numbers and even skipped lunch. So the boss had that brought in as well. He was on the ball today looking after us. We took a short break and resumed business.

At the end of the day, most of the reports were complete and we needed just an hour of overtime to do the job. The portable heater was still pumping warm air into the room. Finally, we called it quits and turned in the work. The boss immediately transported the reports to management. They were truly surprised to see them as promised. They knew about the heat. They were experiencing the cold in the building just like us. Also like us they had rented a room heater of a slightly smaller size. No one died of the cold that day. Management praised us the next day, giving special accolades to our boss. They appreciated the special effort to come through with the month end reports. It all ended well in spite of the broken heater, which by the way was now working.